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From Our Point of View

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What’s In A Plan? A Comprehensive Look At Retirement Planning

You’ve probably seen plenty of images online of smiling, gray-haired couples walking on sandy beaches or pre-retirees meeting with their financial advisors, making plans for how to stretch their income and maximize their Social Security benefits. Or maybe you’ve even seen ads from retirement communities, luring you in with the promise of unlimited opportunities for recreation and a lifestyle they tell you you’ve earned and deserve.

SFG News Market News Al Lindsten
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5 Unexpected Threats To Your Retirement Plan

What comes to mind when you imagine something wiping out your retirement savings? A personal tragedy? A natural disaster? Maybe a recession? There’s no doubt that these events could significantly impact your portfolio, but they are largely out of your control. The real dangers to your retirement plan are the little-known and often ignored threats that could cause you to lose what you have diligently worked for. Here are 5 ways you could run into retirement trouble and how to help prevent them from derailing your retirement finances.

Market News Nathan Shelton