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From Our Point of View

Happy Holidays From Shelton Financial Group Thumbnail

Happy Holidays From Shelton Financial Group

Happy Holidays from our team at Shelton Financial Group! This year has certainly had its ups and downs, but we are always grateful to have clients like you. We appreciate your trust in us and the opportunity to provide exceptional service. It is our goal to help you feel confident in your future and prepared for whatever comes your way. Ring in this holiday season with peace and joy, knowing that we’re here to watch over your finances.

Matt Fry
Join Us for Our November Workshops! Thumbnail

Join Us for Our November Workshops!

How much thought have you given to your financial future? It’s hard to avoid the topic, with articles, news reports, and so-called expert tips bombarding us. But despite the plethora of information, 56% of Americans are worried about having financial security in retirement. We want to change that!

Nathan Shelton
Want to Avoid Capital Gains Tax? Here Are 4 Ways  Thumbnail

Want to Avoid Capital Gains Tax? Here Are 4 Ways

The sad reality is that you owe taxes whenever you make money—or, in IRS terms, when you’ve realized gains. After selling an investment at a higher price than what you paid for it, capital gains tax is right there waiting for a slice of your profit. But there are ways to minimize what you owe in taxes so you can keep as much profit as possible.

Brian Nieuwlandt
Meet Our Team Member: Piercen Harnish Thumbnail

Meet Our Team Member: Piercen Harnish

There are many reasons you probably chose your career. Maybe it was the excitement of future opportunities, the salary, or the flexibility. For me, my reason was simple: I wanted a career where I could have a significant impact on people’s lives while using my passions and skills. From a young age, I saw that money, and how you handle it, can make or break your life. That’s why I decided to spend my days helping others discover financial freedom and feel empowered to make the right financial decisions for their lives.

SFG News
Our 2021 Midyear Market Update Thumbnail

Our 2021 Midyear Market Update

2020 was a major reality check. We cannot predict the future and we have little control over anything. Even things we have always taken for granted were called into question, such as school for our children and time with loved ones. Saying that we all entered 2021 with some trepidation would be an understatement. Would it bring more restrictions, more confusion, more volatility?

Nathan Shelton